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RE Performing at Seniors' Residences

A resident writes:

This is just a quick short note from one of the residents at Oak Ridges Retirement Community to say how much we all enjoyed the performance of your community choir here last Monday evening. It was truly delightful to sit and listen to a selection of music that was just right for folks in our age group. And, of course, the performance of your choir under the baton of Renate was truly outstanding.

At least some of us will recognize the hours of dedicated practice that such a level of performance requires. Not only that, but it was quite clear that everyone in the choir was enjoying themselves immensely.

I hope that we can look forward to seeing you all — and hearing you all — again in the not too distant future.

Meantime, I think I can offer on behalf of our residents in attendance, a very, very sound thank you (pun intended.)

Re Performing at the Maple Leaf Probus event on December 11, 2014

Cathie Vincent of Probus wrote:  I also want to thank you and the choir for adding so much to our Christmas luncheon. The music choices were excellent, the choir was wonderful and our group all enjoyed having a chance to join in with you. I received many positive comments from our members afterwards - with some special kudos for Heather who stood in so well for your director- she set such a nice tone to the morning.
Re Caroling at Doane House Gift & Craft Show on November 15, 2014

Thank you all for attending and performing at the Craft Show on Saturday, November 15, 2014. We have received so many compliments on having carollers at the show. Really added a Christmas touch.

Thank you to all the ladies.

Re Celebrate with us: Canada in December, December 14, 2013

Follow this link to the wonderful photos taken by the newspaper, York Region.com for the December 26th edition of the Aurora Banner. 
One picture was printed in the paper on page A9. The caption reads: Putting on a Show, York Region  Community Choir director Renate Naghavi entertains as the group hosts the Canada in December event at Trinity Anglican Church in Aurora.

Re Singing with Friends: Spreading Harmony, June 1st, 2013
Just wanted to tell you in print how much I enjoyed the Community Choir concert on Saturday night.
The musical selections included some of my all-time favourite songs (it's a good thing I left the mascara at home because I was absolutely reduced to tears a couple of times).   Such a variety of music presented by some awesome local talent! 
At the risk of offending the entire choir, though, I must say that the performance of "Endless Love" was unforgettable.  I don't even remember breathing after the first few lines. It was what we talked about in the car all the way back to Bradford.
On behalf of Della, Diane, Josephine, Sheryl and myself, please thank your entire group for all their hard work -- and for the joy they gave us through their performance. 
Bravo!! one and all.
Jan Evans
Re Big Ten Tune Up Performance on Sept 6 at Charles Darrow Cooperative
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your group for performing for us last Thursday! Your group was a great addition to a really positive day and we were very happy to have you there.
Please send my thanks to the rest of the York Region Community Choir!

Dave Storie, HSCorp.ca
Sept 11, 2012 

Re Olympic Performances (two) at the Upper Canada Mall, July 26 & Aug 11

The event was mentioned at the beginning, and then our O Canada was shown
(just a snippet) at 2:27 timecode... cool!



First, I would like to extend a sincere thank you to you and your group. I agree that O Canada was a beautiful rendition. I was touched and the audience response was wonderful, when everyone cheered. It was exactly how I had hoped it would turn out to give the community that feeling of patriotism and it did. So thank you once again. It was a pleasure meeting you as well. 

I will definitely keep the York Region Community Choir in my mind for future endeavours. 

Jamie Godin, The Idea Workshop
Aug 2012

Re our Winter Concert in 2011

You have brought the choir to new heights. I was blown away by your performances this afternoon! Loved all of it!  

Pauline (former choir & exec member)
December 4, 2011

Re our participation in the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast in 2011

A true testament to people who love to sing and love what they do! You lifted our spirits to new heights yesterday! loved the Hallelujah! 

A personal heart-felt word of thanks to your whole team for what they had done and their participation taking our event to a whole new level of excellence! 

You are appreciated beyond words! 

thank you for taking the lead on O Canada as well! worked out amazingly well - with thanks .

They are great! AMAZING! WOW! loved the song choices, they seem like they like singing ... just some of the comments I heard yesterday... I wanted to personally thank you, also on behalf of Garry James, myself the organizing committee and all in attendance! You and your group had blessed us with your sweet voices and harmonies! A true testimony to sweet sounds bringing diverse people together in one place! we thank and appreciate you. 

Thank you for your willingness to sing and volunteer at our event. 

With heartfelt thanks  - please pass our thanks onto the team as well!  

Karin Theron, Chair, NMPB-2011
March 2011
Re our Spring Concert 2011

What an incredible performance on Saturday!  I was SO impressed with the number of pieces the choir sang AND blown away by the quality! 
What amazing solos by Kristen, Heather, Janet, Sophie and everyone else... the small group selections were wonderful and Sapphire's piano performance was, as always, fabulous.
I always look forward to the YRCC concerts, but you really outdid yourselves this time.
Kudos to everyone, but most especially to you, Renate, who obviously takes great pleasure and joy in conducting this amazing group.

May 8, 2011


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